Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Transition and change may have an impact on the entire family system. Regardless of the nature of the specific problem, we recognize that stressful events may have an impact on your family relationships.  The goal of family therapy is to improve understanding and work towards solutions that will allow for improved communication and support within the family relationships.

Through a systemic approach the following issues may benefit from family-based approaches:

Divorce and co-parenting
Blended family issues
Difficulty with communication
Financial stress within the home
Behavior concerns with a child
Substance use of a family member
Loss of a family member


We are here to walk the journey with you and honored by the opportunity to provide the care that you deserve. We value that each person allows us the opportunity to share in positive connection and change. Our commitment is to listen to your experiences and help you find the strength and resources needed to restore hope and experience confidence and joy in the days ahead.

Our team is committed to walking alongside you or your family to overcome stressful experiences and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. We will work towards helping you build secure and fulfilling relationships, so you do not need to journey alone.

Specialized Treatments

play therapy

Play Therapy

Play is children’s natural form of expression, the use of therapeutic play allows for children to improve confidence, build trust, learn positive ways to regulate emotions and promote creative thinking.

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art therapy

Art Therapy

A specialized form of therapy that uses creative expression to allow clients to explore emotions, reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence and resolve conflict.

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A specific form of psychotherapy that utilizes bilateral stimulation to reduce distressing and negative beliefs associated with previous traumatic events.

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Christian Counseling

At their choosing, clients may desire to incorporate faith and spiritual beliefs into the counseling process.

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First Responder Counseling

The role of First Responders is vital within our communities.  Within their role of community service, they have experiences that are unique to their professional endeavors.  Added training to understand the specifics needs of a First Responder and their families is imperative, along with a high value of confidentiality and trust.  We are here as a resource to support these individuals that provide so much value to our community

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