It is a personal choice to begin counseling and we are here to walk the journey with you. Through community and connection, change is possible so that you can experience more fulfilling relationships, wellness and emotional health.

It is through relationship that we receive the support needed for restoration and wellbeing. My commitment is to be present within the community of Alton and meet the needs of those around us. Our dedicated team of therapists will continue to seek opportunities to provide resources through support groups, wellness events, and counseling services.

My personal story has taught me to value the journey, it will be filled with both joy and struggle. I recognize some things I may not get right at the beginning and over time we will continue to evolve; however, the goal to provide a safe and inviting environment, to show authenticity, and to be a dependable source of support for the time you journey alongside us will remain constant.

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Allows you an opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis with your therapist. Provided services include…

Marital Counseling-2

Marital Counseling

Counseling that is specific to your relationship needs is available; including couples, marriage and pre-marital counseling…

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Assistance to help strengthen the bond within family, mediate conflict and find solutions to foster connection among family members…

ChildrenTeen Therapy

Children/Teen Therapy

Supports to allow young people to address their emotional and mental-wellbeing. Young people experience numerous transitions including social, educational and behavioral concerns, which may impact their emotional health…